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AXIS has developed a range of services designed to turn the second largest employer funded employee entitlement from a cost to an asset for the employer and also the employee.

That is…to transform superannuation into a superior benefit.

The services are:

  • Evaluation of the existing arrangements design, participation, returns and servicing using the AXIS Super Plan Evaluator
  • Improvement of the Superannuation arrangements which may involve negotiations or running tenders for best services
  • Delivery and Measurement- service delivery model is critical to creating a superior benefit.


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The Super Plan Evaluator uses payroll and plan data to examine what value is being delivered by the current versus alternative arrangements. It examines what response is coming from the workforce based upon current plan design and performance. The report determines what could be done significantly better.

The Super Plan Evaluator should be re-run annually to monitor the ongoing performance of service providers against agreed Key Performance Indicators.

Once the plan has been improved, it then needs to be promoted to the entire workforce with the aim of increasing participation in a superior benefit.

The service delivery model is critical to creating a superior benefit.  It doesn’t matter which provider is delivering the services, the steps are the same.

  1. Tailor the super plan to an individuals needs and life events;
  2. Ensure that the super balance and income in retirement target is on track and
  3. Performance manage with meaningful key performance indicators and refine service delivery consistent with the plan and product promise.

Employer Service Packages

The Employer Service Package comprises 3 services which can be selected individually, or as a whole package.