Employer Consulting Services

AXIS has a 2 step process when working with employers in transforming their corporate super into a superior benefit.

Step 1 – Evaluation and Improvement

Step 2 – Delivery and Measurement


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AXIS has developed processes and technologies to analyse the corporate super benefit which it incorporates into its Super Plan Evaluator (SPE) report for employers.

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Armed with technical data, AXIS works with the employer to improve the existing arrangements either by approaching the current provider and placing commercial pressures on them to improve the benefit design and delivery.

If that does not produce the desired result, AXIS works with the employer in preparing and assessing alternative market proposals and selecting the right benefit (design and service delivery) for the employers workforce.

The promotion of the benefit is a change management process.

When the benefit is promotable, AXIS works with the employer to ensure that the provider executes a well planned, structured process to target the whole workforce with a benefit that is superior.

We bring our technical and industry experience to the table to identify the issues that may arise and work with the employer to ensure that the promotion is managed for any risks that may arise.

With the plan promoted well to the workforce, the delivery and measurement are key to maximising the employees benefit.

AXIS brings its industry knowledge, technical skills and experience to work alongside the employer in ensuring that the provider is delivering a service in line with its promises and held accountable to established meaningful performance measures.

The consulting services take the form of

  • Preparing and attending policy committee meetings,
  • Establishing and analysing performance measures,
  • Assessing the service delivery model and how effective it is in delivering a superior benefit.

Corporate Servicing

The Corporate Servicing Package comprises 3 services which can be selected individually, or as a whole package.