Your current provider around employer super should be delivering both product and services consistent with their value proposition.

Do you know if they are or not?

Let AXIS negotiate a tailored super solution for your employees.

Employee super should be a valuable benefit for every employee. That’s why AXIS works on your behalf to secure the most compelling super fund in the market. We then optimise the policy for each employee and deliver outstanding service to your company.

And we don’t stop there. AXIS continues to review and evaluate your corporate super to ensure we optimise the long term value of employee’s super.

  • Let's talk about the right super fit for your employees.

High value outcomes are never delivered by accident.

As consultants, AXIS’s sole intention is to service our client, so you the employer. In terms of product and service design around employer super, AXIS does not address your issues with the product’s local relationship manager.

Within each product, AXIS has relationships with senior management who make decisions around the service value delivered (or not) to your workforce. In effect, AXIS is best positioned to help you know what you need from employer super and then how this should be demanded from product providers.

The following statement is particularly true of employer super. High value outcomes are never delivered by accident. It results from the execution of a well thought out contract entered into between supplier and client.

When it comes to tailored super, we’ve found the right fit for employees of some of Australia’s most well known companies

We challenge the status quo

Based upon the repeated level of reregulation and government interference around super, one might think it fixed at last. The impression one might have is that no one is doing the right thing except for government.

Most employers have tried to do the right thing but have made one basic mistake: relying on the sales pitches and limited input from product providers as they try to win or retain your business.

AXIS has developed technology and methodology to expose the misinformation around employer super. We challenge product providers around their transparency and the lack of quality in their client servicing.