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Transforming Corporate Super into a Superior Benefit

Corporate Super is an employer’s second biggest funded employee entitlement which it must pay as a benefit for its employees.  However, employers miss the chance to make this cost work for them and deliver a benefit to their employees in an area that really matters in their lives, financial well being ….

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… it doesn’t have to be like that and we have developed a 2 step process which we work with employers in transforming the corporate super into a superior benefit that can be promoted to the whole workforce (not just members of the employers corporate default plan).

Step 1 – Evaluation and Improvement of the benefit to create a promotable plan

Step 2 – delivery and measurement of workforce penetration and provider service delivery


It can be shown diagrammatically as follows …

Further explore how we do this at the following link …

Our Services

AXIS has developed a suite of services designed to support employers in creating Corporate Superannuation Plans.

Employer Service Packages

The Employer Service Package comprises 3 services which can be selected individually, or as a whole package.

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