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We are a Corporate Superannuation Consultancy that works with employers to deliver performance of the second largest employer funded employee entitlement, its corporate superannuation. We’ve been consulting to employers in this area since 1994.

As the second biggest cash employee benefit after salaries and wages, superannuation is a significant overhead which is generally not managed well by employers. As an employer funded employee entitlement of significant importance, most employers miss an opportunity to use it to position themselves positively with their workforce.

And it is understandable because superannuation is a complex area which is shrouded with mystique and lack of reliable information on which to evaluate corporate plan performance and on which to base informed decisions for the benefit of the workforce.

Often, there is conflict between using the services of the existing providers and the best interests of the employees which, if not given the appropriate attention, can go undetected and result in higher costs and lower retirement benefits for the employees, which is not in their best interests.

AXIS is neither owned, influenced or controlled by any major bank, fund manager or institution and has a mission to bring clarity, transparency and delivery of performance to a significant employee entitlement and work alongside employers to create corporate superannuation as a superior benefit and use it as a tool to motivate and engage employees.

We’ve developed significant expertise and knowledge which we’ve innovated over the years into a suite of services which can be used to evaluate, improve, promote, manage and service an employer’s corporate superannuation plan and create a superior benefit for its employees.

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Our Services

AXIS has developed a suite of services designed to support employers in creating Corporate Superannuation Plans.

Employer Service Packages

The Employer Service Package comprises 3 services which can be selected individually, or as a whole package.

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