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Super Focus – December 2018

Employers are often in the dark when it comes to knowing how their default super plan stacks up against others.  There is no central database where an employer can benchmark their plan against others.  Their main source of information generally comes from the product provider. Knowing this, how do employers hold providers accountable for service delivery? […]

Employers and Governance

What are employers worried about? The Royal Commission highlighted poor superannuation practices by providers and employers are asking us questions: “Are we doing the right thing by our employees?” “Is it in our employees best interests to be with the provider we have selected?” In the video below, Richard Matsinger (Co-Founder and Partner) sat down […]

Super Focus – October 2018

Best Interests is becoming a hot topic topic that is increasingly impacting the world of business. As Corporate Superannuation Consultants, we are increasingly seeing employers taking a greater interest in their Corporate Super Default plans and ensuring that they are doing the right thing by their employees (especially when data is presented which shows the […]

Superannuation and the Royal Commission

Risks to Employers – what employers should do next.  The review is over, but what does the Review mean for employers???  Companies may react prematurely and potentially move billions of dollars from what they believe are underperforming funds and do the right thing by staff and ensure that their default fund is an appropriate product.  That […]

AXIS Super Transformations

Why should employer’s who have selected a default Super Fund for their employees care about the Royal Commission and the issue of Trust! Because it’s about doing the right thing! There’s a lot of market commentary around the Royal Commission review and the implications of shortfalls in the system, but we shouldn’t have to wait […]

Even more super tinkering – The Budget

Changes to Super and Federal Budgets go hand-in-hand. The Australian economy is in its 27th year of consecutive growth and business conditions are at the highest level since the global financial crisis.  In what could possibly be an election year (must be held between August 2018 and May 2019) the Federal Budget was unveiled last night […]

Transforming Super into a Superior Benefit slideshare

The Slideshare below pulls back the curtain on the Super industry and the differences between the traditional provider service models and the Modern Approach. It is incumbent on employers to do the right thing by their employees and transform their super into a superior benefit that maximises their Super Fund and income in retirement. If […]

Building a super benefit for the whole workforce

Does an employer have a duty of care in relation to its second largest employer funded employee entitlement and reach the whole workforce?  As an employer with a duty of care to your worker’s super, technology can help you meet those obligations. Read more here  AXIS_Directions Summer 2018

Employers have duty of care to worker’s super

It has been a 25 years since the introduction of compulsory super.  The result is amazing – $2.3 trillion has been invested, a quarter of which is held in corporate funds. Given the system’s age and record of success, why has the corporate watchdog, ASIC, only now decided to investigate the role of the employer in […]

Too many foxes circling those super nest eggs

Harry Burke our Technical Specialist shares his thoughts on super nest eggs in his latest opinion piece published in The West Australian on the 2nd of October.  

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