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Employees Super Investment

If you asked your employees the question, would you like to make an 8% return on your super investment whilst simultaneously losing 25% on the value of your home, what do you think they would say?

A relevant question. In the October 2022-223 Budget, the government detailed plans to build 1 million new houses as part of the National Housing Accord between the federal government, the states and private investors, including the superannuation sector.

But is the accord in the best interest of superannuation investors?

Consider that at an individual super account level, the average investment in the National Housing Accord might be around $10k with a potential return of 7% or 8% p.a. on investment (around $700 to $800 per year). But what impact does an increase in housing supply have on the overall housing market? 

Currently, rental properties account for 32% of the housing market. The economic principles of supply and demand suggest an increase in housing supply would impact rental demand and lower rent prices. A drop in rental incomes combined with increased interest rates theoretically reduces the attractiveness of holding property as an investment and can result in investors selling off these assets.

 The possible increase in housing supply, complicated by a reduction in demand, can have a subsequent flow-on effect on housing prices. So, if you are an owner/occupier, potentially, the value of your property drops significantly.   

 It is a scenario worth some consideration yet not spoken about within the political sphere. 

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Mitsui & Co. (Australia) Ltd engaged AXIS Financial Group in reviewing the existing employer super arrangements and clarifying which product provider might be best for Mitsui & Co. (Australia) Ltd and it’s group of companies.

AXIS Financial Group provided a concise explanation as to who might be best and why, in particular ensuring that the internal project team had the information to feel confident as decisions were made. The project team moved from arguably being daunted by the prospect of improving this particular employer funded employee entitlement and better understood how to manage super as a remuneration benefit through the detailed analysis and explanation provided by AXIS Financial Group

Antony Auliso
General Manager - Human Resources Division
Mitsui & Co. (Australia) Ltd

I want to thank AXIS Financial Group for their efforts in handling insurance claims on behalf of the employees of WesTrac. From the moment AXIS Financial Group were appointed to the task, they moved so seamlessly into position and have made sure that WesTrac is not only better serviced as a result but also more informed about claims progress. I also note the outstanding results achieved by AXIS with respect to marketing and placement of our employer super policy.

It seems nothing is a problem for the AXIS team and I would commend all employers to consider this service.

Gary Carter
Group Insurance Manager
WesTrac Pty Ltd

AXIS Financial Group’s knowledge of employer super is second to none.

DXC tasked AXIS Financial Group with consolidating multiple superannuation funds to a
single company-wide default fund. They delivered, displaying superior knowledge of their
industry, along with the highest level of service and diligence.
From start to finish – the initial analysis of our previous funds, the detailed tender process,
the transition to our new fund, and post-transition – AXIS Financial Group always made
themselves available for support.
We strongly recommend speaking to AXIS Financial Group for all matters relating to
employer super.

Michael McGoldrick
Director, Compensation Asia Pacific
DXC Technology