Super Transformations – December 2018

Super Directions

In a digital world with increasing transparency and the growing influence of Millenals, employees expect a productive, engaging, enjoyable work experience.  Understanding and improving the employee experience is critical for companies operating in a highly competitive global economy.  Providing an engaging experience will help companies succeed in attracting and retaining skilled employees.  Super Directions December 2018

The employee looks at everything that happens at work as an integrated experience that impacts daily life in and outside the workplace, including overall physical, emotional, professional and financial well-being.  An explosion of digital and mobile tools has emerged to help HR design and deliver a great employee experience, such as;

  • Engagement and feedback apps and
  • Well-being apps

What about employee financial wellness? 

It’s well known that financial stress can have a major impact on employees, from greater health concerns to trouble with relationships and distractions at work. This same stress can also influence a company’s well-being, including potentially higher costs due to elevated healthcare plan use, lost productivity from distractions/absenteeism, and lower savings for retirement.

The PWC special report (September 2017): Financial Stress and the bottom line uncovered the following;

  • Biggest concern about retirement was running out of money
  • Over a third of employees considers a financial planner who doesn’t sell financial products (similar to the planners in a financial wellness program) as the most trusted source for financial education and guidance.
  • When a financial wellness program is offered by the employer, stressed employees are even more likely to use the financial wellness services (72% said they use the services their employer provides).

In a world being transformed by digital technologies, the world of super is no different.  The promotion and delivery of superannuation is a marketing exercise, which employers generally are not skilled in. AXIS has recognised this, and so is re-inventing the way employees are reached.

We work with employers and provide them with multiple options that will provide employees with an engaging superannuation experience.  Some of our technology solutions can assist employers with;

  • The process of on-boarding new employees into the default super plan and
  • Using technology to reach remote locations.

We bring our expertise to employers to promote, deliver and measure the effectiveness of the corporate super as a benefit using metrics and we regularly review processes to ensure delivery.


How are Employer’s holding providers accountable?  In our experience Employers are struggling to hold providers accountable.


We share how one large global employer has improved their understanding of their three default super plans.

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