Corporate Servicing

Corporate Servicing

The Corporate Servicing Package comprises 3 services which can be selected individually, or as a whole package.

These services are:

  • Promotion – no employer has the technology to evaluate and repeatedly monitor the value being delivered by superannuation v as an employee benefit. Internal employer documentation on super is usually brief and uninformative. Service provider documentation is singularly promotional, often complicated and not informative about all options.
  • Management – too many companies rely on their service provider to explain their own performance, a fact that means most Human Resources, Remuneration and Finance personnel are not informed on whether the plan is market competitive, if not market leading.
  • Part or Full Service – AXIS works on behalf of the employer to deliver the employer-funded employee entitlement as a superior benefit. AXIS has developed a state of the art technology platform which is used in conjunction with traditional servicing to deliver a superior service to employees.
  • Let's talk about the right super fit for your employees.

In promoting superannuation as an employee benefit, the employer must be careful to exercise due diligence around their current arrangement and not be seen to be providing financial advice. Being in possession of an AFSL (Australian Financial Services Licence), AXIS is in the position to prepare material to explain what is available through the corporate superannuation plan and how it might compare to current and previous plans.

Superannuation can be technically complex and AXIS brings its skills and extensive experience to employers to ensure transparency and best practice by the service providers.

The services includes:

  • Education and information for Human Resource and remuneration personnel;
    Advice on managing the superannuation service providers;
  • Comparative product functionality, costs, trends and performance;
  • Research papers, employer publications and employee publications;
  • Reviewing terms and conditions of employment;
  • Reviewing induction material;
  • Annual review of value through Super Plan Evaluator analysis.

Management includes elements of the promotion plus additional services. This involves direction on how to hold the service provider responsible, including attendance at meetings.

By engaging AXIS, employers become:

  • more and more educated on market service models and each provider’s capabilities;
  • discover aspects about corporate superannuation that would not otherwise be transparent;
  • assured that they are managing the annual contributions and the accumulated asset, and fulfilling their ethical commitment to the employee.

The service includes:

  • All services available under the Employer Services Package – Promotion;
  • Attendance on site for meetings with Human Resources, Remuneration and Finance personnel;
  • Annual reports on the value delivered for discussion with the service provider;
  • Market intelligence on product updates, new products, strategy of the employer’s service provider;
  • The provision of phone support for employees;
  • Direct discussions with service providers where necessary to manage services appropriately;
  • Support in understanding the employee participation agreement;
  • Support in understanding insurance – terms and conditions of contracts;
  • Management of claims.

  • Utilising our leading technology (STM and/or SSM) employees are able to interact with AXIS on a personal level;
  • The service is flexible and affordable;
  • AXIS offers on-site servicing if required;
  • AXIS has over twenty years experience of servicing employees of medium to large sized corporates.

Service Packages

AXIS has developed a suite of services designed to support employers in creating Corporate Superannuation Plans as a superior benefit and to position it as a best practice employer.